There is GREAT news!  There is Someone who thinks the world of you!  He saw that to save you from the oncoming truck, that you don’t even see, He needed to push you out of the way and stand in your place.  That’s what Jesus did about 2,000 years ago-for you.  He accomplished all that was needed to save you from that truck speeding right toward you.  Here, the truck represents sin, which leads to death.  Unfortunately, we all have a speeding truck headed right for us.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.  We can’t stop it, and mostly, we can’t even see it.  Someone did stand in your place, but He would  like for you to acknowledge His sacrifice-for you.  If a person pushed me out of the way of a speeding truck and saved my life, and was killed as a result, I would be thankful-forever.  Someone, a person, did do that for me.  He also did the same for you.


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