He values those…

I am interested in a verse that reveals what God is not impressed with.  When we think about all of the adjectives we possibly can to describe His unlimited power, we may be able to understand Psalm 147:10-11 a little better, from the Author’s perspective.  Side-by-side  power comparisons between God and man become a bit silly then.  What’s refreshing and beautiful is next He explains, in His loving way, that He places a high value on those that fear Him and put their hope in Him.  There, by the way, is your peace.

I thought the image of the Roman Forum ruins a fitting backdrop for this verse because they are ruins, of a long gone era, and those particular ruins represent to many the mightiness of man.  The image reflects in some way, that for all of the effort and will of man, nothing that he does in his power is lasting.


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