As I mentioned, I designed this site to display my photos, which I take as a hobbyist.  Adding a few today that I shot two days ago.

The image in this one is morning light shining through a window.  I still am unsure about how the abstraction happens instead of just squares of light.  But it was interesting to me, along with the contrast.

The passage is Matthew 5:11-12, and is the reason for the heading.  The passage says a lot.  Many times people tend to focus in on the part about how they could be blessed in some way.  This passage does mention that, but it goes much deeper.  It very directly informs the reader about times “when” others are against you, not “if”, because of Jesus.  There isn’t anything pleasant or comfortable being conveyed here.  The passage also focuses on treatment of past prophets because of Jesus.  These prophets came before any of us, and are an example to us, after the fact of their suffering and deaths.  They suffered and paid a high price for this Savior of man.  Jesus was then, and is now, more than worth it.


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