God is a God of love (1 John 4:8,16).  So, why all the wrath?  The first question to answer would be what concept does the Bible convey of love?  In the Bible love is a covenant type of concept.  God is faithful to the relationship He has with those who give their lives over to Him.  He does love the world, but He is very faithful to those who are faithful to Him-it is relational.  In that relationship, those who are faithful to Him give Him their lives, totally.  Not partially, not just on Sunday, and not only outwardly but not inwardly, and vice versa.  They intentionally choose not to worship all of those multitude of other options that exist, because God has asked us to worship Him only.  They respond in kind to His request.  If God is who He says He is, and the Bible is His means to tell you who He is, then these are wise people.

Soooo, why all the wrath-it doesn’t line up with love?  If God’s love is real, then doesn’t it make sense that His anger will flare because of His love, not in spite of it?  Anyone who has been cheated on or cheated can easily relate to this concept.  It’s not a pretty picture when cheating happens in a relationship.


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