I normally don’t write about my own interpretation of my photos in these posts, but for this photo I really want to.  I also want to tell you about the photo.  First, I’m amazed at the verse because it reflects what God can and will do through us.  Normally any mention of living water in the Bible is focused on Jesus, of course.  The verse refers though to streams of living water flowing from within a believer in Christ.  So, is it both of us, me and Jesus?  Well, if the Holy Spirit is dwelling in a person, living there by our invitation, it’s just Jesus-and I am a vessel.  That’s quite an arrangement, considering that could never be possible in my own power.

The photo reveals water flowing from inside to outside a building.  This is a common sight in Rome.  However, the photo is of an outer wall, near the street, of the Basilica of Saint Paul in Rome.  So, it’s not just any building.  In regard to adding another layer of depth to that verse, understand that Paul’s story is a bit unique because of his violent past.  He was transformed though, and in his time, and still now, we benefit from his transformation-living water still flows out from him to us via the words he spoke and that were recorded for us in the Bible.

Continuing with this concept, and in referring back to the photo and verse from the post yesterday, how does a stream or fountain continue and not stop?  Just one example of how we can inhibit this process is by expending our time or money on things that have no eternal value.  These are leaks.  I’m writing about this from experience, because I am working on this now, trying to get at the leaks.  Every time there are resources directed elsewhere, other than to God’s kingdom, we are defeated by whatever the resources were expended upon.  So I can be defeated by a new DVD?  That’s a very small thing to be defeated by isn’t it?  I just think there is so much more we could be, and should be, doing.  A bunch of small leaks means less water flowing doesn’t it?

A closeup view of the image will reveal a wire running along the wall horizontally under the window, and also some graffiti right between the two fountainheads.  I leave those, because it’s real, also because if the building represents a person in this case, then I think it’s appropriate to leave the imperfections.

Another Wednesday Window for you, also from Rome:

142342820 (2)


May God receive the praise and honor due Him.


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