Unbelief in God, or stating and then following that you will not believe/follow/acknowledge God because you ‘don’t like Him’, or ‘don’t agree with Him’, or any other similar judgement, and then pretending that He doesn’t exist is kind of like stating and then following something like, ‘I don’t follow/believe/agree with the IRS’, and then pretending that they don’t exist.

The choice is yours to follow Jesus or not, to believe what He said, to believe what He did while here, or not.  If you choose to have nothing to do with Him, He will allow you to do so, because He wants your heart only of your own free will.  You may want to remember this, warning signs are beautiful if they save a life.  The Old Testament of the Bible gave warnings, for all people.  The New Testament contains the same warnings-generally, acknowledge the One who created you, who came all the way here, leaving a King’s throne, to rescue you.



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