Christian living checklist:

_X__Surrender to God.

_X__Surrender to church leadership.

_X__Love and help others.

____Be bold, courageous and stand up!

“Would you give me an example of that last one please?”

Christians should be very familiar with surrender.  It’s a crucial part of humility.  For the collective worship of God and for our churches to function in an orderly manner, versus a chaotic manner, we are instructed to allow our shepherds to lead us.  After we surrender all, our entire life, to Christ (which is not natural or easy for man), we finally get to true humility.   After we’ve finally done all of the surrendering, internally and externally, we find we are also to stand up, be bold, and be courageous. 115697612.MJcL4feu

The image of Joan of Arc is a visual/physical representation of the spiritual-specifically of boldness-which doesn’t look at all like surrender.  The two concepts, surrender and stand boldly, are opposites.  I think we can relate to one more than the other.

Here in the US, we haven’t had much opportunity to be bold in the recent past.  By bold we typically mean boldness for Jesus, in sharing the Good News with nonbelievers.  It is apparent to many that now when we share Christ we are met with much more opposition…sometimes very strong opposition.  We have an opportunity now.  We will likely have continuing opportunity to be bold, if Christ more and more is considered to be a foolish idea.  Even if we haven’t seen recent examples of this boldness as there were in the past-Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation is just one example-we can still read about the courageous ones of the past.  (There are many, but unfortunately the accounts are scattered and sometimes hard to find a copy of-so we have to search sometimes.)  We are intelligent enough to then take that information and think on it, and figure out what we can do-each of us, individually.  Never forget that God will provide your strength and faith, as He already does each day.  Share Christ when you have an opportunity since there are so many who need him.  Don’t worry about the details, God can handle that-just share.




  1. “Be bold, courageous and stand up!”
    This can mean different things to different people. Those who are naturally timid may think it’s a bold move to speak to one single person about CHRIST, while someone with a strong, boisterous personality may take boldness to mean leaving a secure life and going out, on faith, to preach the Gospel. It’s all relative to who we are as individuals. GOD sees the effort and it’s up to HIM to decide of we are being bold and courageous.

    “The two concepts, surrender and stand boldly, are opposites.”
    While these two concepts do seem to be opposites, they are symbiotic in a Christian’s life. They work together to help us be the person GOD wants us to be 🙂

    “Never forget that God will provide your strength and faith, as He already does each day.”
    Excellent statement to close your thoughts.

    Great post…thank you!!!

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