In a self-serve/customer service/choices galore culture, we may have an inclination to self ( I wonder why!).  We don’t have to focus on self though.  Other options (more options!!) are:

  • serve God
  • serve others

We can allow God to supply what we need, and He will, while we focus on Him and on others.  The degree of surrender determines the degree of God’s ‘footprint’ in your life.  Less of you makes room for more of Him (John 3:30).

Photo credit: T. Vickrey



  1. Yes, how often I find myself thinking more of me and less of God. It doesn’t work. When we are fully surrendered to God, everything else falls into its proper place. May I share my poem with you?

    Submission to Surrender

    Submission, not of my nature
    But needed for total surrender of me
    Takes me beyond myself
    To bless my soul with certainty

    Learning of submission
    From a sinner’s point of view
    I struggle with this idea
    As it takes me down paths that are new

    I desire holiness from this act of submission
    Just for now and then
    But the total giving up of me?
    I think I might pretend

    No…what I really want is to live in truth
    Free to flow into His mold
    Pretense isn’t in this new life
    Not allowed on this path I’m told

    For me to learn submission
    Has taken all of my very best
    But it shows me truth beyond my mind
    Now I am living in His rest

    As He takes me to surrender
    My submission is complete
    I belong to Him in every corner
    As my old self is now deplete

    He knew of what He wanted
    When in His image I came to be
    He has patience for this vision
    As He changes and refines me

    Being fully surrendered
    Helps me to make life clear
    Then I am free to rise up to Him
    As my own desires become less dear

    I so want joy to come to Him
    Over me, His child, today
    For the way in which I finally surrender
    Letting His Spirit take self away

    For when my daily surrender becomes
    The very most, and not the least
    Then I am able to live a life
    Surrounded by His love and peace

    Blessings, Carol Flohr Giles

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