I listen to others when they tell me about their beliefs about their religions.  Most people who have religious beliefs hold to them as strongly as I hold to my beliefs.  I have to respect their strongly held beliefs, and not just trample over them.  It would be quite offensive to me if they were to do that to me.  Why would it be any different if I were to do that to them?  It isn’t different.

I also talk to people who don’t really believe anything religious.  Most of the time they seem frustrated with what they observe and are unsure about what to believe, rather than resigned to their unbelief.  I will add that my observation regarding them is that often they have never read a page of the Bible.  I also observe that they will use what they have heard about the Bible from friends as a basis for an argument, instead of using what they have read and their thoughts about what they have read.

Jesus is not a religion, even if the world classifies Him or His followers as such.  Following Jesus is an individual relationship.  A building where followers of Christ meet to worship God and fellowship is a building, not the church.  Each person that has a relationship with Jesus is a small part of the church alone, because they are indwelt with Jesus’ spirit.  Where Jesus’ spirit dwells is His church.

It can become confusing when you watch people, or hear what people say, including me 🙂  The best thing to do is to read what God had instructed to be written to you and for you in the Bible.  God stated that His son, Jesus, was the ONLY name given by which our souls can be saved.  He doesn’t condemn us to hell, we have done that ourselves.  He does want to save us from that place, where we are all going anyway-unless we reach for His hand.  Jesus did a few things to make a way for each of us to be saved.  He stepped right in front of a fast-moving eighteen-wheeler, in a manner of speaking, and pushed you right out of the way.  He was crushed.  He made a way-for you.  Only He did this for you.  No one else has done this for you.



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