Chiari & Me

Reblogged. Precious and touching. Prayers please 🙂

KeKe Chiari

So basically I was born with too much brains and not enough housing for them. My surgeon calls it a “real estate issue”. It took 6 years of numerous doctors, medications, and tests to finally find out that I am not crazy. Well I may be just a tad bit crazy. If you ask my husband I am sure he would agree. But nevertheless it’s apparently something I was born with but it just decided that it wanted to sit shotgun in my vehicle about 6 years ago and try to create more chaos in my already chaotic world. All the doctors and all the tests left me with nothing. No answers. I found out by complete accident (God) when I wasn’t looking for an answer. I was so relieved upon first hearing the news despite the fact that I was just told that the very first test I had…

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