1. attention; observation.
2. notification or warning of something, especially to allow preparations to be made.
Photo credit: T. Link
Note:  Peace to you!


  1. Great work! I would like to share my poem on the same subject.

    The Return

    It was in a dream, late one night, not so long ago
    The King of the universe had returned in my sleep
    I saw Him racing through the sky
    It’s still so vivid I could weep

    To know if I was dead or alive
    I wasn’t able to trace
    I just remember that I was taken aback
    By the golden image of His face

    His brow was furrowed
    His eyes pierced as He came
    His nostrils flared
    It seemed He was in flames

    As He flowed in pulsating rhythm
    He poured Himself completely out
    Crossing the sky like liquid gold
    It was Jesus Christ there is no doubt

    I thought I could hear victorious trumpets
    But the sound was taken away
    By the tidal wave of this defining moment
    That would take me with Him forever to stay

    I was so awe struck by the dream
    As it stirred up the corners of my soul
    Never to be forgotten
    This picture made of strokes so bold

    Since the dream – I see prophecy as truth
    Weaving a path to the heart and soul of me
    I now look forward to the appointed time
    Of when His triumphant return will be

    I can see myself in the dream
    Being taken up to my final place
    This promised confidence rests
    Solely on the power of His grace

    Blessings, Carol Flohr Giles

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