The Handwriting on the Wall

But you have not glorified the God

who holds your life-breath

in His hand

and who controls the whole course

of your life.

Therefore, He sent the hand,

and this writing was inscribed.

Daniel 23c-24



This is the interpretation of the message:

MENE-God has numbered [the days]

of your kingdom and brought it 

to an end.

TEKEL-you have been weighed in the

balance and found deficient.

PERES-your kingdom has been divided

and given to the Medes and Persians.

Daniel 5:26-28

Thankfully God had given Daniel the interpretation, to in turn give to the very worried King.  Although, there was not any relief from the worry once the King listened to the interpretation of the handwriting on the wall.  A lesson for us to glean is in the reason why it happened in the first place (return to Daniel 23c-24 for the reason).

(Note: ‘Peres’ is a form of ‘Parsin’.  The meaning is ‘divided’, or ‘half a shekel’.)


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