A certain man was driving down a bumpy country road when he spotted a bag of cement that had apparently fallen out of the back of a truck.  Not wishing to see a perfectly good bag of cement go to waste, he stopped to pick it up believing he could get some use out of it.  But when he reached down to pick up the bag, it was surprisingly heavier than he expected due to the fact that it had solidified into an immovable piece of cement.  The bag of cement was created to be used for a specific purpose, but because it never reached its intended destination, it became a useless rock.

Just like the bag of cement, many people appear to be usable on the outside; but when God tries to draw near to them, they have hardened their hearts to His love and purpose.

Fortunately for us, it is never too late to listen to the voice of God.  If you have made no room in your life for Almighty God and you wish to have a relationship with Him, pray and ask Him to soften your heart through His saving grace.  

Potions of commentary from David Jeremiah’s Pathways Devotional, December 8.


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