Applying for the judgeship


Do you really think-

anyone of you who judges

those who do such things 

yet do the same-

that you will escape God’s judgement?

Romans 2:3

Apparently, man was not given the tools, ability, right or authority to judge other men.  Men judging one another is sort of like a horse judging another horse for being a horse.  Not only are we not free of all sorts of problems ourselves (we are men ourselves), we have no authority-it’s God’s jurisdiction.  How are we able to help one another, or sharpen one another, when we are judging those around us?

The verse from Proverbs is interpreted to mean benefiting from intellectual discussion which brings joy through a keener mind and improved character, which will show in the face.  Or even more literally, a man sharpening his friend’s face 🙂 .  That probably is not something we will be willing to do with our brother or sister when we have a roadblock between us-that being whatever judgement we’ve served them.  Our brothers and sisters are waiting, let us serve them.



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