Every knee-to the glory of God

The other day I was listening to a news report about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  A lady was interviewed and was complaining about the treatment of Jews at the Temple Mount.  She stated that until Messiah comes there will not be peace, but that in the meantime, every effort should be put toward making things as peaceful as possible for all.

Obviously, beliefs of Jews and Christians are very different, with one believing Messiah has already been here and one believing that has not happened yet.  We cannot both be right.  What do you believe?  Consider the words in the book of Philippians carefully if you are not yet sure what you believe.  If the words are true, every knee will bow, and every tongue should confess, one day, that Jesus Christ is Lord, regardless of belief.


Who is Jesus?



  1. As the people of the three monotheistic faiths live together, it’s important to remember that God will have the last word.

    Nevertheless, the faithful of Jerusalem travel peacefully and respectfully along separate paths in observance of either Christmas, Hanukkah, or Ramadan, according to their chosen faith. What can we learn from this?

    That although, the sons and daughters of Abraham apply legal and social tolerance to competing faiths, the application of uncritical tolerance to each faith is not required, for if it were, the essence and value of truth would be lost. Therefore, each follower of the different faiths can love, respect, and honor each other without losing the essentials of their chosen faith.

    Thanks for your post!

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