Wo d ess Wednesday…

It Is Still Real

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday… 🙂

First…I have to say that…I don’t know what’s going on with my computer!!! (or maybe it’s the program), but…try as I may…something would not let me type the letter “r” or “l” in the title..LOL  At first, I thought to just not post, but then I just said, “What the heck! I won’t let a little computer glitch stop me!!!” 🙂

Second…I had already planned on writing something, on this Wordless Wednesday, because I got a unique surprise that I wanted to share with you. The crazy title thing just made it more wordy…LOL (Y’all, I’m having a blast writing this…I’m almost in tears, I’m laughing so much!!!)

Anywhoooo…on to my surprise. I was looking through my recent pictures, trying to find something to post today, and I came across this one…


It’s just a piece of driftwood, that a friend of mine has sitting…

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