The Portrait

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The littlest queen.

She got tired of riding in the car. It may have been a convertible with the top down, but she wanted to walk. Like all queens and princesses she got her way. And, walked. I walked along with her for a short time. I chatted with her auntie and made sure it was okay to work closely. Now, I owe her a picture. I always owe somebody picture for favors on the street.

That’s how it goes.

The picture. It’s a funny thing. Even though I’m driven toward the edges, I photographed everything. I made a lot of portraits. I made a lot of stuff on the edges. Surprisingly, I also made a lot of pretty good parade pictures. I’ll show those to you tomorrow.

Technically, this picture didn’t get much work in post production. A little softening and added glow because that’s how I saw her…

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