No less


Paul’s answer to the pride of the more visibly gifted was to engage his analogy again and remind them that the more fragile and less lovely, in fact, ugly parts of the body which are not publicly “presentable” (v.24) are given the greater respect for their necessity.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for 1 Corinthians 12:22-24.


I found this beauty floating around today and I thought I would share, in case you need a nature break!  What I was amazed by was how the body has a similar pattern as that of the wings.  Matching attire alert!  (Um, sorry.  That’s what we yell out at my house when, upon rare occasion, someone’s attire actually matches).  Anyway, I guess that’s a camouflage type of strategy of an intelligent design.  Also, in the photos below, there is a photo of the butterfly in flight, but I’m not sure if you can see that.  Clicking on the gallery will give you the shot of the butterfly in flight.  I also wanted to mention that there is a photo with no butterfly.  That photo (top right in gallery) was the photo I snapped after the one to the left below, trying to get a closer shot.