This is a true story.  This, again, is Muffin.  How she ended up as my pet is a story I would like to tell you.  It happened about three or four years ago.  I was taking a break from working in my yard in extremely high heat, and was sitting on my front porch which is shaded.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving in the middle of the busy road I live on, a few houses down.  It was so tiny I couldn’t make out exactly what it was.  I could only see that it was in the very center of the road.  I decided to get closer if I could, at least to figure out what it was.  I walked down about two doors to look, and saw that it was a very tiny kitten.  I wasn’t even sure if it was old enough to be weaned yet.

I also noticed that this tiny creature was basically…strutting, and seemed extremely happy.  Think…the character the baby in Baby’s Day Out book.  Well, obviously, this tiny kitten was not aware that she was in the center of a busy street.  We get a lot of traffic from people using the street to cut through to get to other areas, and they usually drive fast.  I picked the kitten up and set it on the curb, and started back to my porch.  Before I got there, I turned around to check and the kitten was already back in the center of the road.  I repeated my safety technique, gave her a talking to, and headed back to my porch.  Again, she was in the center of the street within seconds.  Three times I moved her, but she really liked being in the center of the road for whatever reason.  I picked her up and brought her to my porch and we sat there, observing each other, trying to determine whether we were going to be okay or not.  I let her stay, I shared my home.

There’s more to the story-minor details like vet visits, because she was not in good condition, even though she hadn’t been around very long.  Another part of the story I skipped was her trying to make friends with a dog that was trying to make her a dinner that day in the middle of the street.  She likes dogs, a lot!  I also checked with everyone on my street, no one knew where she came from.  She is the gentlest creature I have ever been in the presence of.  She was created by God, and so she is beautiful.  She is so perfect in appearance and disposition that she is almost therapeutic to be around.  It’s not so much a cat that I’m admiring, but rather I’m in constant awe of God’s work.  What I would like to leave you with is this-share what you have, and be kind always, really, it is to your own benefit.  That day, a kitten wasn’t the only one rescued.


In taking the Developing Your Eye course that WordPress offers, I am looking for new techniques or tips that I can learn, since I’m still learning about photography.  The assignment for today is Bliss.  I can say that the bliss that I have in life is based on the joy and peace that Jesus gives.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to capture that in a photo 🙂  So, the other subject I thought about was how peaceful babies and pets look when they sleep deeply, peacefully.  I actually don’t have a baby that lives here with me, so I wasn’t going to get that particular shot, but I do have pets.  This is Muffin, sleeping soundly.  I think this is the most prized part of each day for Muffin and also for my two dogs.  The fact that they can sleep so soundly, as active as they all are, amazes me.  I’m sure it is bliss!