True Relationship

If you had a friend who only called or dropped by when he or she wanted something, or who never reached out to show concern or to see if you needed help, it’s likely that the friendship wouldn’t last long. Why? Because there is no intimacy there-no true relationship. We might be tempted to shake our heads at such selfishness, but it’s far too easy to treat God the same way. Sadly, many Christians reach out to Him in prayer only when they lack something or when things are a mess. Life in Christ, however, isn’t just about getting our needs met. It’s about experiencing a personal relationship with the Lord. Jesus told His disciples they were no longer slaves but friends (John 15:14-16), and that same promise is true for us today. We can speak to our closest companion-God Himself-at any time and for any reason. He longs to hear from us, to be approached as the loving Father He is. Take time this week to begin speaking with the Lord in a more personal way to build or strengthen that bond.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, May 1, 2022.