In the verse in the photo, Luke 12:27-28, we get an impression of God’s power and of our dependency upon His provision.  Note-IF God can (and He can), then do you, even of little faith, need worry about anything?  If true, is it not then preposterous to worry?

The theme for Developing Your Eye today is Pop of Color.



This Book, to me, is literally like finding a chest full of precious gems, every day.  It contains endless wisdom, that we desperately need.  Today the theme for Developing Your Eye is Treasure.  I know you can’t see it with your physical sense of sight, however this photo is that of a mountain of precious jewels, gold, and silver-the value of which cannot be calculated.


In the Developing Your Eye course from WordPress, the theme today is Big.  I really don’t have a lot of large structures in my town, just a few State government buildings all located within the same few blocks downtown.  There are impressive in some aspects architecturally, but mainly they’re just very large.  Instead of trying to make a nice image of them, I decided rather to post another photo from Rome.  I think the perspective of the photo adds to the image, which some of you may know is the Alter of the Fatherland.  A monument honoring Italy’s first king and First World War soldiers.  If you have seen it, you know it is massive!  At first, one may think that the monument is a government building or museum, but it’s basically a monument, a very large monument.

I added text into the photo, a Bible verse, Psalm 146:3.  “Do not trust in nobles, in man, who cannot save.”  While the monument is beautiful, breathtaking really, it is a monument to man, who, in all his glory, will never be able to save a single soul.


Above, the featured image is for your viewing enjoyment!  A panoramic view of part of Rome, with the Coliseum/Colosseum/Flavian Amphitheatre to the right.  I shot the Rome photos last September, with no intention or thought of pursuing Photography, I just had a tourist perspective of everything.

The Developing Your Eye topic for today is Solitude.  I wanted to include a photo that I took at a (sort of) nearby beach, last December.  A photo I’ve been wanting to add to this site, as I’m backed up on those and can post fast enough.  Some photos are recent, and some I already had, but I only recently began to add Bible verses and printing them.  So the images have just been sitting on a shelf really.  The beach was empty, it was a beautiful day, and the temperature was perfect.  The verse is Psalm 107:29-30.




These are a few door photos that I have shot and recently printed.  They are both from locations in Rome, Italy.  The theme for today’s Developing Your Eye is Connect.  I am using this opportunity to display these two photos that I haven’t added to this site yet.  This one includes the text for 1 Timothy 2:5-6, which describes Jesus as the only mediator between God and man.  If it is impossible for man to connect with God without a mediator, Jesus has made the impossible possible with His ultimate sacrifice for all.


This image includes Matthew 7:8, where the last part of the verse states, “and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Both verses reveal amazing truths.  Both verses also reveal the connection between God and man, who is Jesus.  I’m not saying He is the only way, I’m saying that He said He is the only way to God.  This is what a follower of Christ does when speaking of Christ, they are pointing the listener to Christ, to who He is-in hopes that all that can be saved will be saved.  These verses point us to the door, the way, our only connection to God.


In taking the Developing Your Eye course that WordPress offers, I am looking for new techniques or tips that I can learn, since I’m still learning about photography.  The assignment for today is Bliss.  I can say that the bliss that I have in life is based on the joy and peace that Jesus gives.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to capture that in a photo 🙂  So, the other subject I thought about was how peaceful babies and pets look when they sleep deeply, peacefully.  I actually don’t have a baby that lives here with me, so I wasn’t going to get that particular shot, but I do have pets.  This is Muffin, sleeping soundly.  I think this is the most prized part of each day for Muffin and also for my two dogs.  The fact that they can sleep so soundly, as active as they all are, amazes me.  I’m sure it is bliss!


Fortunately, we had a very hard rain last night, after weeks of no rain.  It sure did help with the assignment for day three of Developing Your Eye-Water.  I was excited to be able to get that featured image.  The sun was just starting to rise and I was able to catch the glistening drop on a leaf.  I felt like I hit the lottery!  Click on the images in the gallery below to see larger, clearer images, if you are into water droplets!


I live in a city that has been growing quite a bit in the last few years.  Bigger buildings, wider streets, more traffic lights, and, well, more traffic too.  A few streets over from the main part of downtown, out of sight, sits a reminder of what was.  I like reminders of what was, I think they give us perspective.  You can still see the bricks that made this road a road.  I actually like the grass and moss growing between the bricks, maybe because I like paths.  There are a lot of patches and it makes for a bit of a rough ride, so drive slow.