Jesus = Freedom

Many people, even in the church, suffer from self-rejection. This type of thought pattern can persist for years, sabotaging the truth about who we are in Christ and how valuable we are to our heavenly Father. When such a lie reigns in our mind, feelings of worthlessness follow. If you’ve received Jesus Christ as your Savior, you’re accepted by God – not based on your performance but on Christ’s substitutionary atoning death on your behalf. This is the truth that should govern your self-perception. But eliminating wrong patterns of thought and behavior takes more than simply knowing why you’re accepted. To develop a healthier outlook, you must saturate yourself with God’s Word so the Holy Spirit can renew your mind with truth and reveal any unbiblical thinking.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, March 19, 2022.



He then rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down.  And the eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fixed on Him.  He began by saying to them, “Today as you listen, this Scripture has been fulfilled.”  

Luke 4:20-21


A song that I think fits the theme of these verses, of this indescribable freedom that God has offered to mankind, is a song by For King and Country titled, Run Wild.  I just mentioned the song in a comment on another blog and realized while working on editing this one, that the lyrics are fitting.  Give it a listen if you have time-I think you’ll be encouraged.  I’ve posted the lyrics below.

Link to YouTube video: Run Wild


Run Wild [feat. Andy Mineo]
(Luke Smallbone / Joel Smallbone / Matt Hales / Tedd Tjornhom / Andy Mineo)

Are the walls to lock you in or to keep others away
And if the doors were to be opened would you leave or would you stay

The comfort of your misery you cherish dearly, you cherish dearly
And you haven’t started dreaming ’cause you’re still fast asleep, you’re fast asleep

But don’t you want to
Run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me

You’re a lion full of power who forgot how to roar
You’re an eagle full of beauty but you can’t seem to soar

Will you return to the garden where you were first made whole
Will you turn to the one who can liberate your soul

Don’t you want to
Run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me
Run wild, live free
Love strong

To every soul locked in a cage
In the prison of your past mistakes
No, there’s no time left to waste
Yeah, you can make your great escape
We’re made to run wild, run wild, run wild
We’re made to run wild, run wild, run wild

Run forest, all depends what direction
Some people run from fear, some from their own reflection
Some people run their mouth, some people run their house
Ruling with the heart of a tyrant
Some people run their block, bust shots with a 4-4-5 and
That’s the environment, how we were raised
Living like lions but trapped in a cage
Back to a imago day with the blood of a king and the heart of a slave
Don’t you wanna run

And if your soul’s locked in a cage
You can make your great escape
We’re made to run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me

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