Transformed and Together

In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 beautiful imagery is used to describe the return of Christ. At that time we will be changed as we are “caught up…to meet the Lord in the air” (v.17). Earthly flesh and bones age, lose vitality, and succumb to the effects of sin. So God promised that the body of every believer would be transformed into a glorious one like Christ’s after His resurrection. In heaven, we will no longer have to deal with temptations or limitations of our present time-bound existence. Our bodies will be suited for the environment where we are to dwell forever – an ageless eternity in which all of our needs are perfectly met. Each believer will still be him- or herself. Friends and family long separated will recognize one another; our personalities will be unchanged, except that we’ll be sinless. And from then on, we will each be who God intends for us to be.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, February 27, 2021.

Think Like Heaven


Setting our mind on heaven means we have to think like heaven thinks.  Do you think the hosts of heaven are anxious and insecure about the future of planet earth?  If they are not, we should not be either.  Setting your mind on heaven means we are not upset by the events on earth.  That doesn’t mean we ignore life on earth.  It simply means we don’t look to earth for our security, our comfort, our knowledge, or our hope.  For those things we must look to heaven alone.

Commentary from Dr. David Jeremiah, What Do You Think Bible study.

Where to Look


The psychologists tell us we should look within.  The opportunists tell us we should look around.  The optimist says we should look ahead.  The pessimist says we should look out.  But God says we should look up; we should look above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God (Colossians 3:1) .  Our mind and heart should be set on heaven, not on earth.

Commentary from Dr. David Jeremiah, What Do You Think Bible study.

The Final World System

Zech 5;9b

Inside the basket was sitting a woman, personifying the final wicked system found in Revelation 17:3-5.  The wicked system is represented as a basket with a woman held captive inside under a lead lid.  Since storks are unclean birds (Leviticus 11:19; Deuteronomy 14:18) these must be agents of evil, demonic forces, protective of the wicked secularism, who set up the final system of evil.  The destination of the women bearing the basket was Shinar.  There it will be placed in a “house,” possibly referring to a temple, in which it would be set on a base or pedestal as an idol.  The secular commercialism is central to the final world system.  The vision is unmistakably looking forward to the final Babylon of Revelation 17, 18 at the second coming of Christ.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Zechariah chapter 5.

No Other Name

No Other Name

This refers to the exclusivity of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.  There are only two religious paths:  the broad way of works salvation leading to eternal death, and the narrow way of faith in Jesus, leading to eternal life (Matthew 7:13,14). 

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Acts 4:12.