Idolatrous Worship of the Sun, Moon and Stars


God gave them up, judicially abandoning the people to their sin and idolatry.  The context here is Israel’s idolatrous worship of the sun, moon and stars (the host of heaven), which began in the wilderness and lasted through the Babylonian captivity.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Acts 7:42.




What about where I live, and where you live?

Enjoying the moment would be all that mattered if death were the end of it all.  Living as if God does not exist would also be no problem if that were the case.  Those who accept Jesus as their Savior know that there is life beyond the grave and that our life on earth is only a preparation for our life that does not end.  What you do today matters eternally.  In light of eternity, sin and defiance is a foolish game.  How foolish?  It is a game that cannot be won.