Jerry Rankin

A Great Task

Living together in a way that evokes the glad song of Psalm 133 is one of the great and arduous tasks before Christ’s people. Nothing requires more attention and energy. It is easier to do almost anything else. It is far easier to deal with people as problems to be solved than to have anything to do with them in community. If a person can be isolated from the family (husband, wife, parents, children), the church, or others around them (neighbors) then be professionally counseled, advised, and guided without the complications of all those relationships, things are very much simpler. But if such practices are engaged in systematically, they become an avoidance of community.

Community is a ‘place’ where people pay attention to each other; where each person is taken seriously; where each person learns to trust; where each person depends on others; where each person is compassionate with others; where each person rejoices with others.

Commentary from Masterwork Bible study, Fall 2020, Spiritual Warfare lesson by Jerry Rankin, page 82.