Seeming silent

The story of Job offers encouragement. It reminds us that even if the Lord is silent, He knows the way we take, and after He has tried us, we shall come forth as gold (Job 23:10). In the meantime we’re told to hold fast to God’s path and wisdom. The more we treasure His Word, the more closely we’ll follow Him in obedience (Job 23:11-12). Like Job, we don’t know all that the Lord is doing in heaven, but He is always working on our behalf. Be encouraged by these truths today, and keep persevering in prayer.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, December 19, 2020.

Wisdom and Understanding According to God


No amount of effort will yield God’s wisdom.  It can’t be valued or found in the world (vv. 13,14).  It can’t be bought for any price (vv. 15-19).  The living can’t find it (v. 21), and neither can the dead (v. 22).  One must revere God and turn from sin, and trust and obey.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Job 28:12,20 and 28:28.



The windstorm comes from its chamber,

and the cold from the driving north winds.

Ice is formed by the breath of God,

and watery expanses are frozen.

He saturates clouds with moisture;

He scatters His lightning through them.

They swirl about,

turning round and round at His direction,

accomplishing everything He commands them

over the surface of the inhabited world.

Job 37:9-12

Not By Human Effort


The Bible speaks of times when God chose to be silent – to an individual or to humanity as a whole.  David cried out to Him but discerned no answer (Psalm 22:2).  Then there was Job, who must have felt the Lord had abandoned him (Job 34:29).  And during the gap between the Old and New Testaments, God had no prophet for 400 years.

We don’t always hear from the Lord when we expect to.  Sometimes we’re so caught up in the world and our own interests that we simply can’t detect His voice over all the noise.  There are also other reasons for His silence – He may be choosing to remain quiet because…

He wants our attention.  We can’t expect God to answer simply because we’ve summoned Him.  Perhaps He is reminding us that He is in charge.

There is unconfessed sin in our life.  When we’re willing to deal with our sin, God is ready to talk to us.  To continue living in sin, however, communicates that we’re not interested in His will for us.

We’re not ready.  If we’re doing our own thing and are unwilling to walk in obedience, God might be waiting for us to make up our mind to follow Him.

He’s teaching us to trust Him.  If we’re motivated to love God only when there’s indication that He’s listening, our relationship with Him is based on feeling rather than faith.

He’s teaching us to distinguish His voice from others.  When God speaks softly, we listen more closely and eventually recognize His voice better. 

Whatever the situation, we can be certain of one thing:  God’s quietness is always for our good.

Commentary from Charles Stanley’s In Touch Devotional, October 7, 2017.