The wrong direction

Unsound teaching can be a danger in our Christian walk. False teachers usually… mock truth (the Word of God or the church), follow unrighteous impulses, divide people, and are worldly-minded. Spirit-led teachers recognize that humility and unity with their students is key (Philippians 2:1-4). Pray for discernment to distinguish true teachers from misguided ones.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, January 19, 2021.

To Warn and Protect

Jude 17-18

The apostles had warned the coming generation about apostates, so that they would be prepared and not be taken by surprise.  God’s Word is designed to warn and protect; as verse 18 indicates, there had been continually repeated warnings.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Jude 17.

One Savior


“Let not the wise man glory in his


Let not the mighty man glory in his


Nor let the rich man glory in his


But let him who glories glory in


The he understands and knows


That I am the Lord, exercising

lovingkindness, judgement,

and righteousness in the


For in these I delight,” says the


Jeremiah 9:23-24