material over man

Series-Unconscious Decadence


“So which of these three do you think

was neighbor to

him who fell among thieves?”

And he said,

“He who showed mercy on him.”

Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

Luke 10:36-37

I plan to begin a photo essay series titled, Unconscious Decadence.  I plan to post images that I find that reflect and reveal the contrast between the world and Christ’s kingdom.  I will incorporate the text of the Bible, as I consider it to be highly relevant to the series topic.  I think that it will likely be the Bible text that provides some encouragement and hope in light of the topic, but not necessarily the images themselves-which will provide the story, or argument.  As always, the images that I post are meant to be a backdrop of sorts, to Bible text primarily, but also an attempt to capture spiritual reality that can often be difficult for us to see clearly .  As always I welcome your comments and feedback.  Deborah Link

This introductory image to the series is really meant to convey the idea of Unconscious Decadence.  In the image above, to me, the contrast is that so much care are concern was involved in creating the painting on the wall, but there is not the same care and concern of the homeless woman, a fellow human, in this world.

Many of the posts will include two images to better show the contrast that I describe, because I am still able to convey the contrast with two photos in a single post, whereas a single photo to convey the same contrast may be difficult to find.  These posts will be made on Saturdays.  I hope you enjoy the series, I hope that it is thought-provoking, and I hope that you remain safe.