Montgomery AL

Times Gone By – Around the Memorial

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A series:  Times Gone By

Friday:  Some of the old buildings immediately around the Lynching Memorial, Montgomery, AL.  The plan is to refurbish the entire area, and work has already begun.  It’s wonderful to see new beginnings and fresh starts.

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Times Gone By – Lynching Memorial

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A series:  Times Gone By

Wednesday:  A look at the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery, AL.

The Memorial is a tribute to all of those who suffered unspeakable horror by lynching in  the United States.  Their names are all there-those that are known.  A museum is being built across the street from the Memorial.  Here is a link to the official website:  Lynching Memorial .

Thursday Doors


Hopefully they are reconstructing this building and not demolishing it :-/


I hope this building will be saved-originally it was a Female College.  This is the rear of the building.  




An old school nearby.



An old Firehouse.  All of these are in the same area/neighborhood, near downtown Montgomery, AL.  The Firehouse and many other very old buildings nearby are being refurbished and will be part of a growing entertainment district.  But there are many that are structurally sound and amazing architecturally that are not being remodeled but hopefully will be along with the others.