Montgomery AL

Thursday Doors


Hopefully they are reconstructing this building and not demolishing it :-/


I hope this building will be saved-originally it was a Female College.  This is the rear of the building.  




An old school nearby.



An old Firehouse.  All of these are in the same area/neighborhood, near downtown Montgomery, AL.  The Firehouse and many other very old buildings nearby are being refurbished and will be part of a growing entertainment district.  But there are many that are structurally sound and amazing architecturally that are not being remodeled but hopefully will be along with the others.


What Man Can Do

Sustaining life to the moon and back,

this is what man can do.

Buying and selling men, women and children for the love of money, greed,

this is what man can do.

The heights of heaven and the depths of hell-

this is where man is and where man will be.


but they set an ambush

to kill themselves;

they attack their own lives.

Such are the paths of all

who pursue gain dishonestly;

it takes the lives of those

who profit from it.

Proverbs 1:18-19


A little bit of history

A few historical sights around Montgomery, Alabama, and a few Thursday doors:

While this home looks interesting, what I thought interesting was that the two upstairs doors are working and having usable balconies.  Considering the age of the home, that’s rare.


According to historical records, the building (current image) below is the location that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. planned the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


This building (a current image), “Located at High and Jackson streets, the four-story Ben Moore offered lodging, a safe place for meetings and a vibrant social life free from the bigotry and hostilities of the Southern white racism of the 1950s and ’60s. Even today in the basement is an evocative barbershop full of civil rights-era news pictures and portraits, including one of its most famous customers, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., when he lived in the now-restored parsonage just yards up Jackson Street.” (


Right across the street from/next to the Ben Moore Hotel…(also a current image)


This is just a few doors down from that building, an amazing house or building, which I couldn’t yet find anything about.  I know that major remodeling was started a few years ago, and so much work was done I expected to see it fully restored to its former glory.  But that seemed to stop suddenly, and at this level of remodel in the photo, it actually looks much better than it did.  I also could not find out anything online about ‘Metro’, the last image below, I’ll have to ask around to find out.