Montgomery AL

Times Gone By – Lynching Memorial

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A series:  Times Gone By

Wednesday:  A look at the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery, AL.

The Memorial is a tribute to all of those who suffered unspeakable horror by lynching in  the United States.  Their names are all there-those that are known.  A museum is being built across the street from the Memorial.  Here is a link to the official website:  Lynching Memorial .

Thursday Doors


Hopefully they are reconstructing this building and not demolishing it :-/


I hope this building will be saved-originally it was a Female College.  This is the rear of the building.  




An old school nearby.



An old Firehouse.  All of these are in the same area/neighborhood, near downtown Montgomery, AL.  The Firehouse and many other very old buildings nearby are being refurbished and will be part of a growing entertainment district.  But there are many that are structurally sound and amazing architecturally that are not being remodeled but hopefully will be along with the others.