True Power

Thankfully, the only Person who has absolute power in our world is God. His use of power reflects His moral and loving character and traits. He shares His power with us which makes power a matter of our stewardship – using it in a way that will please the Owner. The Holy Spirit gave the apostles power to begin taking the Gospel into the world (Acts 1:8). God gives us power to counteract the normal human temptation to fear, as Paul wrote to the young Pastor, Timothy (2 Timothy 1:7). God’s power is always to be used for His purposes. Because God is good, He has given us the gift of His power. Rely on the power of God in your life to accomplish His will.

Commentary from the Turning Points magazine and devotional by David Jeremiah, October 23/34, 2021.

Without His Power

Even after three years in Jesus’ company, the disciples couldn’t live the Christian life on their own. They had to wait for the indwelling Holy Spirit, who gave them strength, guidance, and wisdom. That has not changed – it remains true that apart from Christ’s Spirit, we cannot overcome fleshly desires and live in obedience to God’s will. But when we rely on Him instead of ourselves, He produces godly desires within us, empowers obedience, and transforms our character into Christ’s likeness.

While this may not be the most interesting photo, it does convey the point spiritually. With His Spirit we have the Lord’s power, and without it we simply have no power on our own.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, March 11, 2021.

What He can accomplish

Unfortunately, there are times when no matter how hard we try or how talented we may be, we fail. How are we to succeed when the odds are against us? For believers in Christ Jesus, the answer is to live with the knowledge that God works despite our weaknesses.

On our own, we can accomplish nothing (John 15:5). But with God, we have access to power beyond our comprehension (1 Chronicles 29:12). If you are overcome by burdens in your life, it is time to trust the only One who can carry your heavy load (Matthew 11:28-30). Then you will see for yourself that He is able.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, January 20, 2021.

The Strength of God


Often, the Lord allows us to come to the end of our own ability so that we clearly see His hand.  Otherwise, we would attribute success to our own doing.  God enables us to go on, fearlessly, boldly, and effectively.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, June, 16, 2020.