By Fire

He is patient with you,

not wanting anyone to perish,

but everyone to come to repentance.


Since everything will be destroyed in this way,

what kind of people ought you to be?

2 Peter 3:9b, 11a

We all know time is precious.  So what do you do to keep time from robbing you-from stealing your life from you?  We can make the most of each moment.  After all, we decide the amount of time we are willing to waste.  Many times we have much more time than we realize.  I’ve learned the hard way to not look at what time I don’t have, but instead at the amount of time that I ‘spend’ on meaningless things.  Track that for a week and you may be rather surprised, or possibly appalled, as I was.  Yes I was appalled at myself, specifically at the amount of time, money, and talent I was willing and able to waste.  Let not what is useful be burned up each day.

Will the Real Exalted Please Stand Up


The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector:

…because everyone who exalts

himself will be humbled,

but the one who humbles himself

will be exalted.

Luke 18:14b

Obedience to Christ always involves a change of attitude.  When we are converted, a battle begins inside us as Satan tries to keep us from changing.  I am all too familiar with this part of the journey.  Our attitudes powerfully influence our behavior.  Which of your attitudes would Jesus highlight as needing change?  If you’re having trouble doing right in an area of your life, perhaps you need a change of attitude.

Portions of commentary from The One Year NIV Devotional New Testament.