Self focus


“Those who insist on living a self-centered life will never be known as others-centered.”  David Jeremiah, Pathways devotional, June 10.




Which is easier-to make your bed in the morning or leave it unmade?  To volunteer for a community project or to watch TV all weekend?  Leave your car parked in a field, and it will rust and fall apart.  The easiest choices reflect the Second Law of Thermodynamics:  All work processes tend toward a greater state of disorder over time without fresh injections of new energy.

This law works physically and spiritually.  Forget to maintain the spiritual disciplines you have learned and, in time, your life will take on increasing signs of disorder.

Self-centeredness leads to wrong actions like lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, revenge, abuse, and sexual immorality.  Instead of a disordered focus on self, a focus on God and on following His path for us, which He describes in His word, is what keeps our lives in order.

If you can see disorder creeping into your life, make sure you are still giving your first and best to God.  Remembering and responding to God’s will takes new energy every day.  That’s just the way it is this side of heaven.  For those who do not yet follow Christ, know that God does not expect anyone to clean up their lives before coming to Him.

“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.”  Samuel Johnson


Portions of commentary from David Jeremiah’s Pathways devotional, January 5th, and The One Year NIV devotional NT, January 5th.



If He has ‘set a day’, then it’s wise to be God-centered and repentant.

We have centers for everything: childcare centers, convention centers, ministry centers, and shopping centers.  The word center comes from a Greek term meaning a sharp point, specifically the exact point in the middle of a geometric circle.

If something is the center, everything else revolves around it.  Just as the planets orbit around the sun, our habits, hearts, affections, and thoughts must revolve around the Lord Jesus, who is the ultimate center of all reality (Colossians 1:17).

The French writer Fenelon advised us to become so committed to God’s glory that all other motives pale in comparison, saying, “It is then that God becomes…the center of the soul to which all its affections tend…”

When we’re self-centered, we’re self-deceived.  When He is central, we can have confidence that He is in control and that our worlds are aligned correctly.

For of Him and through Him are all things,

to whom be the glory forever. Amen.

Romans 11:36

Portions of commentary from David Jeremiah’s Pathways Devotional, November 28.