In these circumstances,

a crowd of many thousands came together,

so that they were trampling

on one another.

Luke 12:1a

Apparently, Jesus was no small matter in His day.  Thousands dropped what they were doing in daily life just to hear Him speak, pretty much wherever He went.  He spoke with authority (Mark 1:27).  When entering Jerusalem, the Jewish leaders in the crowd asked Jesus to rebuke His disciples (Luke 19:39) when they were praising God joyfully and loudly for all the miracles they had seen (Luke 19:28-38).  Jesus just let them know that wasn’t going to happen, and if He tried something supernatural might occur-making a strong claim of His deity.

What Jesus spoke, we have in written form, inside the Bible.  The words have no less power today than they did when Jesus spoke them.  Do I drop everything else in my life to hear Him speak to me through His own words, as people once did-trampling on one another to get within earshot, metaphorically speaking?  Do you?  How do we know if we are dead, alive, on fire, or just warm and cooling-spiritually?  By taking our spiritual temperature.  Each of us should evaluate these things about ourselves-consistently.