Developing Godly thinking pt. 1

It’s a good idea to periodically evaluate whether our thinking, attitudes, and behavior are in line with God’s character and the truths of Scripture. Also, we should take note of what absorbs our attention. It’s not healthy to overload our mind with media reports or entertainment that doesn’t reflect God’s values. Regular exposure to such material can easily produce anxiety, discontent, and ingratitude.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, June 10, 2022.

The Value of Knowing Christ


After Paul considered everything he had accomplished in his life, he said that it was all worthless when compared with knowing Christ.  This is a profound statement about values; a person’s relationship with Jesus is more important than anything else.  To know the Lord should be our ultimate goal.  

Commentary from the One Year NIV Devotional NT, July 7.  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.  2003.



Some people think worldliness has to do with external behavior-the people we associate with, the places we go, the activities in which we participate.  This is not entirely accurate, for worldliness begins in the heart.  It is characterized by three attitudes: (1) lust-preoccupation with gratifying physical desires; (2) materialism-craving and accumulating things, and (3) pride-obsession with one’s status or importance.

By contrast, God values self-control, a spirit of generosity, and humble service.  It is possible to avoid “worldly pleasures” while still harboring worldly attitudes in one’s heart.  It is also possible, like Jesus, to love sinners and spend time with them while maintaining the values of God’s kingdom.

Though the Lord is on high,

yet He regards the lowly;

but the proud he knows from afar.

Psalm 138:6

Portions of commentary from The One Year NIV Devotional NT, December 16, notes for 1 John 2:12-17