Lifting and Carrying

Every week churches are filled with people experiencing a wide range of problems, and as believers, we’re to bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). This isn’t just the job of the pastor-he can’t possibly know about every need in the congregation. That’s why we’re all called to help each other practically and spiritually. But doing this may require some changes on our part. For example, awareness is necessary. If we’re not sensitive to what people are facing, how can we pray for them or offer some kind of support? Ask the Spirit to help you tune in to the struggles of others. Also, acceptance is needed. We’re to accept fellow believers as Christ has accepted us. That means being willing to share the burdens of others, no matter who they are. Do you limit your support to family and friends, or do you show love to all your neighbors? We also need to make ourselves available. Helping people may not be convenient, but a faith community thrives when we make time to be there for those around us. The Lord is ultimately the one who comforts the hurting and helps the weak, but He often does this through His people.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, May 2, 2022.

A useful vessel

Hebrews 5;12a

Every believer is to be a teacher.

Knowledge without obedience does not advance a person.  The Hebrews had long enough been exposed to the gospel to be teaching it to others, but were babies, too infantile and unskilled to comprehend, let alone teach, the truth of God.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Hebrews 5:12,13.