The Final World System

Zech 5;9b

Inside the basket was sitting a woman, personifying the final wicked system found in Revelation 17:3-5.  The wicked system is represented as a basket with a woman held captive inside under a lead lid.  Since storks are unclean birds (Leviticus 11:19; Deuteronomy 14:18) these must be agents of evil, demonic forces, protective of the wicked secularism, who set up the final system of evil.  The destination of the women bearing the basket was Shinar.  There it will be placed in a “house,” possibly referring to a temple, in which it would be set on a base or pedestal as an idol.  The secular commercialism is central to the final world system.  The vision is unmistakably looking forward to the final Babylon of Revelation 17, 18 at the second coming of Christ.

Commentary from the MacArthur study Bible, notes for Zechariah chapter 5.

About my vision


In case it hasn’t come across in this blog, my vision from the beginning for the images I post here is for them to be posted large-scale, for example on a billboard or painted on the side of a building or a house.  The image I post today with this blog is one example.  It may not be a perfect example, for the verse, but most of my images are not perfect.  Rarely can I get everything to line up perfectly for the spiritual truth I am trying to reflect with the image.  It’s only one example.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect, because God’s word stands on its own.  I do try to do the best that I can to do justice to God’s word though.

Maybe it’s a crazy idea.  However, the basis behind the vision/idea is this: if we can have billboards and graffiti of everything else imaginable, why not God’s word?  I rarely see it displayed.  Yes, anyone can open a Bible and read it.  But what is the harm in the words of God being displayed for someone to see and for God to in turn use to reach someone’s heart if He wishes?

The other reason I would like for the images to be displayed is that to me, the words of the Bible are the highest wisdom I have ever read or heard.  I read a lot, and I read a lot of different topics-anything that benefits my life and my mind at least.  I also read what others post in various social media contexts.  Rarely do I read anything that anyone has written or said that comes across as profound wisdom.  It happens less and less actually, in my opinion.  I guess there is a reason why everyone is quoting individuals that left us a long time ago.  The point here is that maybe we could use more sound wisdom in this world-and it doesn’t need to be only in a book.

Anyone can do what I’m doing.  Take a picture, put text on it.  Done.  Many others do the same thing that I do in their blogs, and I am grateful for them.  I don’t want to be the only one.  If anyone reading this is interested in taking photos and adding Bible text and painting them on the side of a building or having a billboard sign made, please DON’T be afraid to do so!  You never know how God will use it to change someone’s life, thereby changing others’ lives through them, or using it to save a soul.  We do not know what God will do, we are not like Him.  Although, I do know that He can do anything.

Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂