Discerning Direction from God-Part 4

Part 4. Wait. God promises to act on the behalf of those who wait (Isaiah 64:4). Therefore, we must resist the urge to run ahead of Him by trying to fix the situation ourselves or manipulate circumstances to get our desired outcome.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, May 8, 2019.


This photo may not look beautiful, but it is beautiful.  It contains a warning that can keep us from trouble.  Warnings are beautiful, because they are life preserving.  When I read the verse I couldn’t help but think about all of those imprisoned because of revenge.  Even more, imprisoned simply because they couldn’t wait.  It seems easy enough.  It’s stated in just a few words, the warning, or a single word.  It’s actually anything but easy for us.  I guess that’s why we have this warning.


Taken 8/5/2016

I couldn’t decide which photo I wanted to use, so I tried them both.