What Man Can Do

Sustaining life to the moon and back,

this is what man can do.

Buying and selling men, women and children for the love of money, greed,

this is what man can do.

The heights of heaven and the depths of hell-

this is where man is and where man will be.


but they set an ambush

to kill themselves;

they attack their own lives.

Such are the paths of all

who pursue gain dishonestly;

it takes the lives of those

who profit from it.

Proverbs 1:18-19



My Citizenship


I’ll return home one day, but until then, there is so much work that needs to be done.

Many Christians are well-equipped, well-trained, and well-financed.  No generation of believers has ever had more tools, more plans, more programs, or been more affluent.  But are we really attacking the enemy or advancing the cause?  Are we talking to our friends about Christ?  Are we witnessing for Him?  God has placed us where we are in order to reach those around us, telling them what He has done in our lives-while we are here.

“I tell you when the Spirit of God is on us for service, resting upon us, we are anointed, and then we can do great things.”  D. L. Moody

Portions of commentary from David Jeremiah’s Pathways devotional, January 28.


Every knee-to the glory of God

The other day I was listening to a news report about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  A lady was interviewed and was complaining about the treatment of Jews at the Temple Mount.  She stated that until Messiah comes there will not be peace, but that in the meantime, every effort should be put toward making things as peaceful as possible for all.

Obviously, beliefs of Jews and Christians are very different, with one believing Messiah has already been here and one believing that has not happened yet.  We cannot both be right.  What do you believe?  Consider the words in the book of Philippians carefully if you are not yet sure what you believe.  If the words are true, every knee will bow, and every tongue should confess, one day, that Jesus Christ is Lord, regardless of belief.


Who is Jesus?


The Builder


What occupies the majority of your time and attention?  Do your thoughts and conversation tend to revolve around worldly topics or the things of God?  If your fire for the Lord has dwindled, take the necessary steps today to renew your passion.  Living closely with Him is well worth the effort and discipline.

Portions of commentary from Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional, February 8, 2017.