Spiritual Plague-the blindness of mechanical religion


Therefore the Lord said:

Inasmuch as these people draw

near with their mouths

And honor Me with their lips,

But have removed their hearts far

from Me,

And their fear toward Me is taught

by the commandment of men,

Isaiah 29:13




I hope this young lady finds who she thinks her true love might be.

I hope lots of others find who their true love really IS – Jesus.

A mural was painted to help this woman find someone, here is the story if you’re interested: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Family/20-foot-mural-created-woman-missed-love-connection/story?id=52961171

And from another angle:


Maybe Jesus is worth this much effort as well, to help others find their true love.  Do you know someone who has space for a mural, with just the text from the Bible?  Or do you know someone who can paint a mural?  Even a small one?  For passersby, to read the most life-changing words they will ever read?

Something like this possibly:IMG_7814

Yes, He is more than worth it.

Continue reaching upward


If we’re seeking approval for our efforts, we’re going to be consistently disappointed when it doesn’t come.  But since the Lord never overlooks our service, we can persevere, knowing He’s the one who will someday reward us.

Commentary from Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional, February 2, 2018.



We are each called to ministry in one form or another.  Although we tend to think of ministry as something that’s done inside a church, in reality it encompasses everything we do all week long, no matter where we are.  In God’s eyes, there’s no division between sacred and secular activities.

Each of us has been created and fitted by God to fulfill the particular ministry He’s chosen specifically for us.

Commentary from Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional, January 30, 2017.



What makes an effective servant of Christ is not natural abilities, creativity, or human initiative, but total dependence on Him for both direction and adequacy.  God uses those who are weak, humble, submissive, and obedient so that He alone gets the glory.

Commentary from Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional, February 1, 2018.

All the same


We are all on the same level at the cross and saved by the same grace and blood of Jesus.   As we humbly admit our sinful, helpless condition and call on the Lord to save us, He forgives our sin and irrevocably adopts us into His family.  And just as we humble ourselves to receive Christ’s salvation by faith, we must also serve Him with humility of mind.

Being a servant of Christ requires that we submit to His leadership, regarding what we’re to do, how we’re to carry out His will, and where He would have us serve.  There is no room for self-seeking or self-promotion; our only concern should be obedience, with the aim that God alone gets the glory.

Sometimes we become preoccupied with finding our purpose in life so we can gain a sense of usefulness and self-fulfillment.  Although we do benefit from serving the Lord according to the way He’s gifted and designed us, that should not be our motive.  A humble spirit doesn’t look out for its own interests but instead thinks of others (Philippians 2:3-8).  This is the attitude Christ had.  He willingly left heaven to take on human form in order to go to the cross – that was a selfless act of obedience to the Father so we could be saved.

Are you willing to serve the Lord in obscurity?  What if no expressions of gratitude or praise come your way?  Do you cheerfully do lowly tasks?  It’s not always easy to evaluate our motives, but asking ourselves these questions will help us determine whether we’re truly serving in humility or seeking our own interests.

Commentary from Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional, February 3, 2018.